Hi i'm Chris Carnal

Let's replace your fear with your future.

Has your identity been shaken to the core during the Pandemic?

Lately, it seems like we've all been knocked to our knees - some at different levels than others - but what separates you from everyone else is that you are ready to gain the knowledge, strategy and inspiration to rise up and get back the momentum you once had.

Let's work together in rebuilding ourselves, our families, our careers, our companies and our lives.

Your Life, Your Dream
Your New Reality

You’ve read all the books.  You’ve listened to all the podcasts.  You’ve attended all the webinars, bought all the planners and built all the vision boards you can handle...but it’s still not working. You may have even paid a coach or two to help you figure out how to figure out what you are missing. Unfortunately, those coaches didn't have the practical experience to help you thru what you really need...the strategic side of leadership and growth and what it's really like to lead. If you are no longer willing to take a chance with your future, consider joining our community of like-minded people who are searching for better versions of themselves, just like you.

" The unique part of this group is that it isn't all about Chris and what he thinks, it's about the group working together. Chris sets the table and then we all get to work together. "

TR, Oil & Gas Entrepreneur and Team Leader

" The mindset from which I now operate today put me right in the bullseye of opportunity and growth. "

BU - Senior Economic Advisor - Financial Services

Rise Up Rockstar

 I help executives and entrepreneurs regain the clarity that brought them great success so they can Rise Up and reclaim the dreams that have been ripped from their finger tips.
You are someone who has fallen from a place of greatness and it hurts.  You want to get back there but it’s tough on your own.  Victory feels like it's always a step away.  
When you are ready to win the war with yourself, you are ready to become a Rockstar!

Collision Theory

Do you feel like you are wandering through life  busy, but never achieving what you want? Do you feel like there is a daily hurdle in your way that is blocking you from success? On your part, there is no lack of effort, but based on the results, effort is hard to quantify. This course will help you recognize the tolerations in your life and how making minimal changes can have maximum results. What can happen when your barriers vanish and your energy is focused on your next step forward? Join us and you'll see exactly what it means to collide and break thru.

Seven Steps to CEO

Clarity and Confidence are the name of the game for a CEO.  Today, however, uncertainty and turbulence are two frequent market factors clouding the visionary landscape that a leader must maintain.  The ability to expertly navigate change and to provide the visibility to stay ahead of the curve are ingredients essential in every CEO.  If you miss any of the skill acquisition process on your way to the top, you are unprepared to handle today's dramatic environmental shifts.

This course will walk you through seven steps to becoming the CEO and the essential skills you must develop from the time you begin your journey until the time the C-Suite calls you.  You will also learn how to provide certainty during times when there isn't any - the absolute function of a leader.

Executive Impact (EI)

EI is our highest level Mastermind.
Reserved for Senior Leaders and Difference Makers, Executive Impact is all about Global Leaders building better versions of themselves thru a confidential community of like-minded thought leaders. Our 12-month curriculum consists of high impact topics and conversations focusing on YOU first and then your business.  We focus on building a better version of you, through the topics that are more personal than those reserved for Boards or your C-Suite.

If you are the Founder of an organization with annual revenue in excess of $30 Million USD, have 100+ employees or operate a company of global significance, please contact us for an application.

The Truth...

We've all been sidelined by the Covid-19 pandemic. It feels as if all the momentum forward in 2020 has come to a halt. The plans you made and the goals you set for your life and your business have been interrupted.

But you are not defined by what has happened, you are defined by what you do in this moment. Resilience has been defined as the strength and speed of our response to adversity. Today, we will embrace adversity, map the path forward and ultimately, create the lives of our dreams!
You already know that change like this creates huge opportunity for those with a plan and the skill to execute. In this rare time, I want to help you craft your plan so you can become the leader, role model and person you were meant to be.

Chris Carnal